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The Alpine Motorsports Club “Board of Directors” consists of major investors with experience and success in starting new companies, real estate developments, legal affairs, business development, and finance. The Board is augmented by outsourced experts and advisors in advertising, public relations, government relations, and project management. Most importantly, each member of the Board is an avid car (and track) enthusiast with an enduring passion and commitment for Alpine’s unique business format and ultimate success.
Board of Directors
James P. Hartman
Jim is an entrepreneur who has started several successful businesses. His prior corporate world experience was in the financial leasing business. Jim races his Porsche IROC RSR in vintage events and enjoys a wide variety of interesting cars having owned a few and wanting to own more. Jim graduated from Yale and the University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business.

Richard A. Kessler, Esq.
Richard is a lawyer with a broad civil practice with particular emphasis on business and corporate litigation. His love of cars has been life-long starting with his first sportscar, a 1961 MG-A, which he purchased in 1967. He has had several amazing cars since then. Richard has participated in the One Lap of America and has participated in many Porsche Club, BMW Club, Audi Club and other track events primarily at Watkins Glen, Lime Rock and Summit Point.

Paul J. Matinho
Paul is a third generation owner of his family’s newspaper publishing company. While attending law school, he established an insurance and travel business that he operated for fourteen years. In addition to the newspaper, he is actively involved in commercial real estate endeavors. Paul has an enduring fondness for fast machines dating from his childhood 50 cc minibike to his first car, a British 4-speed V-8 convertible in high school, to the various muscle Mustangs he has restored or raced over the years.

Richard W. Muller, Jr.
Dick is the President and Developer of the Alpine Motorsports Club. His personal experience and consulting activities for this undertaking date back to 1991. He originated and presented the nation’s first “motorsports country club” concept through a Headliner article that appeared in AutoWeek magazine on August 10, 1992. Prior to that time he was the President of a family owned retail business specializing in recreational products for the home and family. Dick has always been a devoted car and driving enthusiast having owned several Porsches and a Ferrari.

Richard W. Muller, III
Rich graduated from The American University and is a Realtor, real estate investor, and consultant. He has been associated with the Alpine development from its inception and is well versed in all details of the Project. Rich is an auto and driving enthusiast and owns a BMW 3 Series which he enjoys driving at every opportunity.

Raymond A. Smutko
Ray is a New Jersey based commercial real estate developer and property management entrepreneur for the past 25 years. Prior to this Ray was immersed in the emerging field of nuclear medicine during the mid 1970’s following degrees in biology, chemistry and psychology. During time spent in privately funded research and development Ray developed novel patented techniques for the testing and assessment of human hormones utilizing radioactive tracer elements. Throughout this entire time extending over the past 35+ years Ray has owned and collected Porsche cars with the dream of building a private road course based upon a country club theme as a consistent part of the passion and reinforced by a visit to Zuffenhausen in an early 1970’s factory delivery where the private factory road course was totally envied and never forgotten.

Michael M. Sonderby
Mike recently retired after 38 years with Deloitte & Touche, a major accounting and consulting firm. He started in the Chicago office, became an audit partner in the New Jersey office and spent the last eight years of his career as the Managing Partner of the Deloitte & Touche Philadelphia office. He has experience with a variety of companies where he provided accounting, financial and other business advice. Mike is both a car and motorcycle enthusiast and has done numerous BMW and Porsche Club driving events. Mike has owned many BMW 2002’s including 2 factory turbos, built a 2002 for ITA class racing, and owned a variety of Porsches.

James E. Weedling
Jim is President and Owner of Patient Transfer Systems, Inc. an international medical device company, which holds many international patents. He has been associated with the Alpine development from its inception and is well versed in all details of the Project. Jim is an ardent life-long sports car and driving enthusiast, with a strong emphasis on British and Italian marques.