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A Declaration of Driving Independence
The Alpine Motorsports Club offers four miles of uncompromised driving freedom. The Club is also a very special place in the country for those who can truly appreciate the joys and rewards of owning and driving high performance automobiles.
An Alpine Motorsports Club Membership is a declaration of driving independence…and a commitment to optimizing every aspect of one’s car ownership and driving experience.
The Club is, in part, a European-inspired road course…an amenity-rich private club…and a refreshing nature retreat. And for our regional members, it’s only a two-hour drive (or less) from your garage.
Nestled in the foothills of the Poconos, the Club’s 360 acres of trees, streams, ponds and manicured grounds provide a spectacular backdrop for over four miles of adrenalin-spiking chicanes, blistering straightaways and high speed sweepers.
Membership privileges bring up to 260 days of annual Road Course access…virtually unlimited driving time…a relationship with an exclusive community of driving enthusiasts…and it’s all supported by an inspired team of technical, safety and coaching professionals.
Alpine is dedicated exclusively for the enjoyment of its members and guests. The Club provides a super-blend of location, topography and scenic beauty, resulting in almost limitless driving challenges, regardless of one’s experience, choice of equipment, or current level of expertise.