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You might be a perfect candidate for Signature Membership…
If you’ve been described as a “car nut”, a “gear head”, a “driving fanatic”, or simply a “car guy” — then you may wish to consider Signature Membership. It’s a great fit for the person who…
• Wants to improve his or her performance driving skills
• Loves to take a half-day, a day, or more to “play” with their cars whenever they like
• Enjoys the company of other car enthusiasts & collectors
• Thinks that driving his or her car on the track is one of life’s ultimate thrills
• Wishes to entertain at their car club just as they might do now at their country club
This person may have done drivers schools and gotten weary of the hassle of signing up and waiting to find out if they’re even in the event. Many driving enthusiasts want to use a facility when it’s convenient for them…not when it’s convenient for the track or the event group.
And the person who takes their driver education seriously will want to take advantage of the limited opportunity Signature Members who sign up early will have to subscribe to a garage space. That way, the member can leave his or her track car at Alpine and drive back and forth with their pleasure car or truck.
Signature Membership fits perfectly for the person who expects to stay in their home area and take advantage of the exclusive Alpine automotive country club format. Plus as an added bonus, early Signature Members benefit from the ability to recover the majority of their initial membership deposit after ten years.
Initial “Pre-Construction” Membership Reservations Only
• Lifetime Membership Opportunity
• Driving privileges included member & immediate family members
• A Very Limited Number of Signature Memberships Available
• 75% of Deposit Refunded to Member – Limited to Early Reservations Only
• Membership is Transferable/Saleable Through Club
• No Set Limit on Track Time Per Season
• Eight (8) “Qualified Driver” Guest Passes Included Per Season
• Exclusive “Signature Member Only” Days at the Club
• 47 Point VIP “Membership Benefit Package & Privileges” Included
* See Membership Plan Document for complete details