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“I believe Alpine offers something for everyone, from the serious enthusiast to the casual observer. The track layout is outstanding with fast sweepers, slow corners and long straights, all with safety as a priority. Alpine will become a destination. If you haven’t walked the property, you owe it to yourself to see this magnificent setting!!”
Charlie Belluardo
Portfolio Manager, Central NJ
“After visiting Germany last year and picking up my 911 I never thought I would enjoy the opportunity to drive the car at the limit, but I will right in my backyard.
Alpine is a unique concept, has a great setting and a terrific track layout. I am excited about the potential for some challenging driving and the opportunity to open it up on a closed course so close to home.”
Bill Angus
Vice President
Weldship Corporation, Bethlehem PA
“.. As the 944 Turbo/S (aka 951) enters its “second childhood,” being re-birthed with a Jon Milledge-inspired 2.6 litre 574 hp power plant, I look forward to re-tuning chassis and other dynamic aspects of the re-powered and extensively modified package. I am extremely pleased to have a truly comprehensive ” tuning ” facility available for this interesting 2000 lb. machine.
At Alpine, I anticipate that scrambling to make ready for the next session, or meeting or other interruption will truly become a thing of the past, – no longer intruding upon this process which is essential to the car’s (and my own) development.
I also look forward to exploring our ‘ 03 Audi RS6 and eagerly anticipated ‘ 07 GT3 at a facility that is designed to safely accommodate such activities.”
Lee Palmiter
Broadcast Engineering & Production Consulting, Fairfield NJ
Carol and my primary interest in Alpine is in our ability to drive when we want to drive. Managing a consulting company, extensive travel, social events, and our son’s school activities often impact our ability to coordinate our schedule with that of our driving club not to mention the chance of inclement weather. The ideal scenario is to wake up in the morning to a beautiful day, check our schedule, decide if we can break loose from our other duties for a few hours, head up to the track (Alpine) and drive for an hour or two before heading back home.
Mark & Carol Reynolds
Own and Manage a Technology Corporation, Central PA